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1500 Sundays

"To know wisdom and instruction, to perceive the words of understanding,

to receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, judgement, and equity; to give prudence to

the simple to the young man knowledge and discretion---

A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel." ( Pro 1: 1-5)

This is my 58th year of looking into the Word of God for divine revelation and taking that truth that I received into the pulpits of America and the world. For 1500 of those Sundays I was At Christian Life World Outreach and Training Center in Mt Vernon, Wa.

In those 1500 Sundays, we won the sinner, mentored the young, disciplined the rebellious, strengthened the weak, equipped the warriors, married the lovers and buried the dead. 

For most of those Sundays, we conducted a Bible College and school of training where we raised up a multitude of men and women who were licensed , ordained and released into active ministry. Many of those have taken the Gospel to other cities, states and nations of the world.

Any active and vital ministry must understand and exercise a lifestyle of prayer. We established a School of Prayer where we learned and experienced some wonderful levels of prayer, from the simple to the complexed. It was during those days that we sent out teams of intercessors that walked and prayed over the physical land of our state and all of the states of the union. Then we sent teams to do the same at the four gateway doors of the world.

                                                                           1500 SUNDAYS

The Principles Of Kingdom Living----  22 Lessons

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These lessons are also available in workbook form.

The Authority of Gods Word —- Lesson #1

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 1 THE AUTHORITY OF THE WORD             What is the Bible? The Bible is the Word of God. The source of the Bible is God, and all scripture is given by the inspiration of God.  … Continue reading ?

Repentance From Dead Works—- Lesson #2

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 2 REPENTANCE FROM DEAD WORKS (1)      What is repentance? Repentance is a gift from God. It is the ability God gives us to turn from our way of living to His way of living. … Continue reading ?

Faith Towards God—-Lesson #3

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 3 FAITH TOWARDS GOD Faith towards God is the essence of the entire Christian life. Initially, it has to do with our access to God and our standing before God. It is by faith that … Continue reading ?

Water Baptism — Lesson #4

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 4 WATER BAPTISM (1)    Water Baptism, what is it? Water Baptism is a holy act commanded by God’s Word. In baptism, the body  of the beliverer is submerged (dipped, immersed, plunged) completely under  water. … Continue reading ?

The Holy Spirit Baptism –Lesson #5

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 5 THE HOLY SPIRIT BAPTISM The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a Biblical theme that has suffered much abuse at the hands of many teachers. When most people hear of the Baptism in the … Continue reading ?

The Ministry Of Giving– Lesson #6

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 6 THE MINISTRY OF GIVING—STEWARDSHIP OF CHRISTIAN LIVING Stewardship is the practice of systematic and proportionate giving of time, abilities, and material possessions based on the conviction that these are a trust from God to … Continue reading ?

Prayer –Lesson #7

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 7PRAYER In believing that God meets us on a one-to-one individual and personal basis, we find the mainspring of our relationship with God is prayer. Prayer is our direct line of communication with God. … Continue 

Women’s ministry in the Church — Lesson #8

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 8 WOMEN’S MINISTRY IN THE CHURCH We are living in the wonderful age when the promised outpouring of God’s Spirit is being fulfilled. “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, … Continue

 Fasting — Lesson #9

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 9 FASTING Fasting is designed to discipline the body and to quiet the soul so that one can hear from God. The Scriptures show us that prayer and fasting are linked together. Fasting does not … Continue reading

Divine Healing –Lesson #10

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 10 DIVINE HEALING The Bible reveals divine healing as one of the great truths provided by God in and through the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Isaiah 53) gives us an exposition of the … Continue reading ?

Praise and Worship — Lesson #11

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 11 PRAISE AND WORSHIP In these days, God is restoring praise and worship to the Church. Many passages of Scripture refer to these two topics. In this reason, praise and worship are the center of … Continue reading

Communion: The Covenant Meal — Lesson #12

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 12 COMMUNION:   THE COVENANT MEAL Communion is a vital aspect of life within the with a great deal of formality, but having no real significance. It is an act through which we “remember the work …Continue reading ?

Christian Home and Family — Lesson #13

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 13 CHRISTIAN HOME AND FAMILY As God is bringing restoration and order to the Household of God (the Church), we find that the home plays a vital part in this visitation. In the Old Testament, … Continue reading ?

The Kingdom of God and The Church — Lesson #14

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 14 THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND THE CHURCH The Kingdom of God and the Church are woven together throughout the Scriptures. The Kingdom of God is God’s purpose, while the Church is the instrument to … Continue reading ?

The Fruits of the Spirit — Lesson #15

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 15 THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT Because there is a danger, in the present move of God, to over-emphasize the Gifts of the Spirit, it is necessary to bring a balance by giving proper attention … Continue reading ?

The Gifts of the Spirit — Lesson #16

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 16 THE GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT It is interesting to note that the “Charismatic Movement” got its name because of the great awakening in all denominations to the Gifts of the Spirit. The name “Charismatic” …Continue reading ?

​The Resurrection of the Dead — Lesson #17

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 17a RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD In the sixth chapter of Hebrews, there is a list of six basic foundational truths. Among these is the “Resurrection Of The Dead”.  For the believer to have an adequate … Continue reading ?

Eternal Judgement — Lesson #18

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 17b ETERNAL JUDGMENT The subject before us is a notable one. It is the last foundational truth to be listed in (Hebrew 6:1-2). Some have suggested that a God of love will not judge or … Continue reading ?

Local Church Government — Lesson # 19

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 18 LOCAL CHURCH GOVERNMENT There are three areas of government that are clearly defined in the Word of God. They are the home, civil government, and Church government. Within the framework of this lesson, we … Continue reading?

The Five Fold Ministry — Lesson # 20

 THE FIVE-FOLD MINISTRIES MEMORY VERSE: Ephesians 4:11 – “And He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers….” God has established a pattern for governing the … Continue reading ?

The Sheep and the Shepherd– Lesson #21

THE LAWS OF THE KINGDOM LESSON 19 THE SHEEP AND THE SHEPHERD PART 1 There has been much teaching on the role of the pastor and his relationship to those in his congregation. Many have been hurt by those who … Continue reading ?

Deliverance– Lesson #22

PRINCIPLES OF KINGDOM LIVING LESSON 20 DELIVERANCE Called unto liberty – Deliverance – the plan God gave for all men and woman to be free. The underlying message of the gospel, the one that shakes the iron grip of death … Continue reading ?